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KELLY+CO COVID 19/Coronavirus Protocol


We’ve spent 20 years preparing for this day.  After 9/11 and through the 2007-2012 recession we’ve empowered our team and our clients through  knowledge, calmness and problem solving.  We are working to stay ahead of the virus and the changes it brings to our daily lives and take every precaution in order to ensure not only our team members are safe but our clients as well.

As of today we have  implemented a policy that includes:

●No handshaking – use other non contact methods of greeting

●Gloves and booties will be available by end of week at all listings as well as for all buyer clients

●Virtual open houses in lieu of in-person through use of video  so buyers can still explore the home

●This week, videos will be shot of each listing that can be used as virtual showings should our sellers or their prospective buyers choose not to leave their homes

●Pre-qualifying all showings prior to and reminding them about booties and gloves that are required to be used during the showing

●Agents and other team members will be working virtually/from home so as to limit exposure for our personal health and the health of others

●Video-Chat tours for our buyer clients that choose to virtually tour homes instead of physically.  We will broadcast our walk through of the home, respond to your questions and more

●We will include language in our contracts that protect our clients in case of delays that are out of their control

●We will remain in constant communication with our clients so they have confidence we have a plan

●We will encourage our clients to negotiate money in lieu of repairs so that people entering homes is kept to a minimum

●We will study & interpret the market daily to stay ahead for our clients

●We will request that our sellers leave all lights on and closet doors ajar for showings so that buyers need to touch as few surfaces as possible

We expect to see a slow down but not a stop in buyer tours.  The buyers who choose to buy will do so because they want to take advantage of historically low interest rates (below 3%!) and/or because their need for a new home isn’t changed by Covid or a recession.   Further, we expect to continue to see a housing shortage.  The sellers who choose to sell will do so because they understand how historic low inventory  can position them to net even more, especially with rates being so low and/or because their need to move isn’t changed by Covid or a recession.

We’re here for you and will be straight with you.  There will still be buyers buying and sellers selling.  We will be there to guide each of you in determining the best decision for your situation.


Kelly and the rest of the Kelly+Co Team

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