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9 Tips All First-Time Sellers Should Know

Kelly Allen

After attending Georgia College and State University, Kelly Allen decided it was time to pursue a new challenge: the wild world of residential Real Es...

After attending Georgia College and State University, Kelly Allen decided it was time to pursue a new challenge: the wild world of residential Real Es...

Apr 4 4 minutes read

When it comes time to sell a home for the first time, there are nine key tips you need to follow.

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If you’re a first-time home seller, then this message is for you. Today, we’ll be going over nine key tips all first-time sellers should know when preparing to list. 

1. Decide early on if you plan to list For Sale By Owner or with the help of an agent. Your home is your single largest investment. That said, there are several aspects of the selling process that may be best left to a professional. While listing on your own may seem like a more convenient option, it almost never will be. Along with helping your home to sell more quickly and for more money, professional real estate agents can also help you avoid legal issues (and even security problems) while you sell.

2. Educate yourself on what selling in your local market will be like. Understanding the costs of selling, the availability of comparable properties in your area, and other such factors will be essential as you plan your listing experience.

3. Develop a plan for where you’ll live after you sell. Are you going to buy and sell at the same time? If so, speak with your agent about this. It’s also important that you get pre-approved so that you and your agent can strategize a seamless transition into your next home.

4. Keep your schedule flexible when letting buyers in for showings. If you want to find the perfect buyer, you need to be available when it’s convenient for them. It can be frustrating to let people in for a last-minute showing, but doing so could make all the difference in securing an offer. Getting and responding to feedback from showings is also essential. Presentation or pricing objections should be addressed as soon as possible.

5. Alter your home’s marketing, presentation, or price if you aren’t getting offers or showings. If you’ve had 10 showings, or been on the market three weeks, and haven’t received any offers, then it’s time to adjust at least one of these three areas.

6. Stage your home. Taking the time to stage your home will help you sell faster and for more money. After all, doing so allows buyers to see your home’s potential and can give them ideas about how they’d like to furnish it after moving day arrives.

7. Price your home correctly from the start. The price you choose to list at must be in line with the prices of previously sold (and currently listed) comparable homes.

8. Make decisions about offers with your agent’s help. When you receive an offer, work closely with your agent in deciding whether to accept, counter, or reject it.

9. Decide how to negotiate repairs at closing. There are a number of ways to settle negotiations as you near the end of a deal. If any issues need to be repaired, you may choose to resolve them before closing. Alternatively, you can offer to pay for the buyer’s closing costs so that they can afford to make necessary repairs on their own in the future. 

The many steps of selling a home can seem overwhelming, but our team is here to help. We can put together a strategy to ensure your success regardless of your circumstances. 

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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