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We take what you read online and....

We break down what's REALLY happening in our local real estate market and use that information to EMPOWER YOU through this process!  We do that by.....

....providing you with Weekly Market Updates that will help you monitor where values are going

....educating you on what market you're buying into and how to win in ANY market

....showing you what you can expect in terms of inventory, days on market as well as price, terms and repair negotiations.

We know what's a good investment and more importantly, what's not.

Future resale problems must be discovered and talked about BEFORE you buy your new home...not when you're ready to sell.  What you'll learn from us...

....What is positively and negatively affecting home values NOW and what could in the FUTURE.

....What to expect in terms of ease of resale as it relates to a home's location, school district and defective conditions. 

....What homes SHOULD sell for and how to develop a negotiation strategy to ensure you don't overpay.

We know problems when we see them.

We aren't afraid to point out a home's bad spots.  From water damage to wood rot to defective shingles...we know the ins and outs of a home and will teach you:

....what red flags to watch out for 

....what defects are fixable and what they'll cost to fix

....what defects may NOT be fixable these can impact the home's current and future value 

Our rolodex is your rolodex.

We've interviewed, vetted and approved an exclusive network of the best local inspectors, contractors, lenders, agents and more....  This saves you TIME and MONEY.

....Quick quotes at the lowest prices

....guaranteed lowest interest rates

....the area's most thorough inspectors

....access to properties before they hit the market


State of YOUR Market 

Buyers shop by comparison.  Most buyers view homes within a given price range in several areas/neighborhoods or school districts.

We studied the price range from $___________-$______________ in ______________ district/area for this micro report.

1.  Total active number of listings= _________

2.  Homes that are under contract right now are the market's most recent successes and a leading indicator of what buyers are willing to pay for certain features, location and schools!  Total number of homes under contract= __________

3.  Homes that have sold over the last 3-12 months help us determine value and is what appraisers use.  The total number of sales in the last 12 months was ___________.  They were on the market an average of ______ days.  These sellers got, on average, ___% of their list price.

4.  ____ Under contract + ____ Sold = total recent successes.

5.  _____ recent successes / 12 months= _____ of homes that sell per month in your desired area and price range.

6.  ____ Active listings / _____ homes that sell per month = _______ months of inventory in your price range and area.

You're buying into a BUYERS  /   BALANCED  /   SELLERS market.

Putting It All Together

Timing ⏩  Location ⏩  Price  ⏩   Condition  ⏩   

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